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Nikki Gregg talks SUP Fitness
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She’s known as the ‘First Lady of Stand Up Paddle Fitness’ and spreads health and fitness across the world.  She was living in Hawaii as a personal trainer when she tried SUP for the first time (over 5 years ago).  As a former kayaker/raft guide and then getting involved in surfing, “ it felt so good to get that paddle in my hand again and use it to catch waves.  It felt very natural and a combination of two of my favorite sports.  My clients started to notice my body get super ripped because I would be out surfing twice a day for hours on end.  They wanted to know what SUP was, so I showed them and it evolved into a SUP fitness program and boot camps”.  The word spread about what she was doing so we decided to get to know a little more…
What other sports do you participate in?
“I am pretty sure I have ADD so I like a lot of variety.  Actually, that’s why I like SUP so much, because it seems like there are so many ‘sports w/the sport’ if that makes any sense.  I never get bored with SUP because I can surf, run rivers, downwind, race, explore, etc.  It never gets old.  I’ve pretty much done about every outdoor sport known to man, but I really enjoy mountain biking, snowboarding, running, and climbing when I get the chance”. 
What are your daily nutrition habits?
“Well, in a perfect world I would always follow the Paleo way of eating.  I feel better, look better, and perform better when I stick with that plan.  However, I am not perfect and travel a lot which makes it difficult.  I just strive to do my best and eat right MOST of the time, but not beat myself up if I have a treat or a cocktail”. 
As an entrepreneur, what were your challenges/successes?
“I don’t like to dwell on the challenges, but I would say that the biggest one is getting people to understand that I know what I’m talking about!  In certain things, I’ve always been a forward thinker and ahead of the curve.  I also have good instincts. When I started to do the whole SUP-fitness thing it was too early and most people weren’t ready for it.  So I just had to be patient and persistent and know it would all happen”.
“As far as successes, I am just grateful that I’ve had some amazing opportunities come my way and that I had the guts to go for it.  I’m nobody special, just a regular girl who isn’t afraid to capitalize on her strengths, build upon her weaknesses and live her dreams.  I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t let any of them keep me down for too long!  It’s all part of the journey”.

What are your dreams/aspirations? 
“It’s funny you asked me this because I was just thinking about it.  I want to learn how to skydive.  I have jumped out of a plane tandem several times and loved it.  I know it’s considered an ‘extreme’ sport, but I felt relaxed and at peace up there.  I remember free falling through a giant cloud in Hawaii- it was like a dream.  I also want to write a book….and, I will!  It’s just a matter of time before it happens.  I never think on the terms of ‘if’something will happen, but ‘when’ and ‘how’”.
Do you do yoga?
“Yes, and I prefer Bikram Yoga because it challenges me mentally as well as physically.   Since we do the same poses in succession at each class I am able to see my progress, which is rewarding.  I like being challenged to stand in uncomfortable positions in a heated room without fidgeting, drinking water, wiping the sweat, leaving the room, or looking at anything but myself in the mirror and deal with what is going on in that moment.  This really helps develop my ‘mental toughness’ and contributes to all areas of my life?”.
If you were given $100 to buy shoes would you buy a pair of trainers or a pair of heels?
“Honestly, I would buy heels.  I have enough athletic shoes.  Plus, I LOVE being tall!  I’m already 5’9, but nothing feels better than jacking myself up another few inches!  It’s so liberating”.
How can we contact you?
Learn to SUP with Nikki Gregg on her websites below.  We encourage you to check them out!

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